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Thursday, 28 May 2015
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Welcome to UniCall

UniCall is currently one of the biggest European companies providing telemarketing and customer support-related services.

The company was founded in 2006 in Norway and our offices are located in Drammen The company has so far created more than 1000 jobs in 9 centers situated in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland and Finland.

Thanks to a stable and extensive background, UniCall is able to provide a large variety of services covering outbound telemarketing and inbound customer support as well as administration, technical support (back-office) and business consulting with a wide range of specific issues.

Our success is based on the high quality of the provided services in all process phases from monitoring and planning through implementation to project evaluation. Our call centers represent an ideal combination of motivated and experienced professionals and the most up-to-date equipment.

In addition to the provided services, UniCall is also active in local trade organizations.

We have continuously worked to develop and ensure high standards of our services both technically and ethically.


What is new

October 2014

UniCall CZ – Support for childrenlog

Our company regularly supports various charity associations and organizations. In October we became a partner of „SOS Children´s Villages“ and also donated funds to organization „Children in risk Klokánek“.

June 2014

UniCall CZ – Increase your sales to B2B and B2C

Let your sales people sell your products and services and do not make them spend much time on booking appointments. We will provide you with verified appointments to increase the conversion of leads into customers. We have been now growing this project and we address B2B as well as B2C.

May 2014

UniCall CZ – We provide more foregin languages for international campaigns

Our clients now can use our contact centre expertise, experience and best practice for international campaigns. We are able to speak to customers and deal with their inquiries in Czech, Slovak and German languages at native speaker level. Other foreign languages will come soon.

April 2014

UniCall PL – Appointment booking for utilities sector

We commenced a test appointment booking campaign for the sales team of one of the leading Polish LPG providers. Our task was to verify basic information on existing installations and schedule an appointment with our Partner’s representative. For this purpose we used a dedicated application created by our out IT Team, which allowed for seamless integration or calendars making simultaneous sales activities possible and easy to coordinate between us and our Partner’s sales team. The project was concluded successfully and will be continued after the holiday season.

UniCall CZ – A new project in B2B

We started a cooperation with a strong international supplier of office supplies. We are ready to launch all contact centre activities including customer care, soft collections, customer acquisition, sales veriffication and back office services and other.

March 2014

UniCall PL – Cooperation with a leading worldwide bank

We started a long-term cooperation for telephone credit cards sales with one of the leading banks on the Polish market. UniCall agents offer a dedicated product range and are responsible for most parts of the back office process including delivery of signed agreements to the Bank. The cooperation was preceded by a certification process and a detailed training on procedures and products offered by our Partner.

UniCall CZ – Expanding the volume of cooperation in the financial sector

Long term excellent results of cooperation with one the the world biggest insurance companies has brought us an opportunity to expand significantly the cooperation with other call centre activities.

February 2014

UniCall CZ – The use of call centre to increase you success in e-commerce

You can now fully use our call center potential to increase the success of your online campaigns. After 3 years of experience in utilities, finance and advertising we wiil address and acquire your potential customers from internet and will provide you with a complete customer service process from addresses database segmentation to soft collections.

January 2014

UniCall CZ – All the best to everyone in 2014!

We thank all our partners, employees and supportes for another great year and may all your dreams and wishes come true in the new year. We really look forward to your lasting support, and we are here for you 24/7!

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